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Neeta Shetty (M.Phil)

Psychotherapist & Life Coach


Pregnancy can both be a happy and a stressful experience. During your pregnancy and childbirth you may be faced with extreme moodiness, symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. As many as 15% of women may become depressed or develop an anxiety disorder during pregnancy.

Research shows that the first year of adjustment is extremely stressful for the whole family. Mommy coaching helps in educating and supporting mothers and fathers during this important attachment process and assists the family in the new adjustments

Mommy coaching involves

  • Coaching for professional women
  • Adjusting to parenthood and returning to work
  • Managing pre / post partum anxiety and depression
  • Entering motherhood
  • Coaching for couple and family
  • Assistance to have the best psychological preparation for parenthood 

Parenting skills

 It has been said that parenting is the most difficult job and the most important responsibility you will ever have in your life. Unfortunately you receive little or no formal training in parenting. Usually we either do what our parents did or we do the exact opposite, depending on our opinion of the parenting we received.

 Parenting skills training is worthwhile for every parent because it can help you do the best job possible in raising your children because it can improve your confidence in your parenting ability as this is the most important job you will ever have

 Parenting skill training involves

 Learning different parenting styles

  • Effects of discipline
  • How children respond to different people and life events
  • Managing your child’s behavior effectively
  • How to intervene with specific child and adolescent problems
  • Developing resilience in children
  • Developing healthy parent child interactions
  •  Learning strategies for managing children with specific psychological and behavioral problems

Adolescent psychology

 Adolescent is a very important stage in life. It is a time of tremendous change and growth. At this stage therapy can have a great impact because it provides young person with tools that they will be able to use for a lifetime. Therapy can involve both individual and family therapy depending on the needs.

Issues dealt with in Adolescent psychotherapy are

  • Motivational issues
  • Social issues like bullying and ragging
  • Stress and anger
  • Psychological disorders like anxiety and depression
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Relationship building with parents, adults and peers
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Obesity and lifestyles management
  • Handling exam stress and pressure
  • Low self-confidence and low self-esteem
  •  Life-skill training
  • Concentration and memory
  • Image building